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Find out what your approximate loan repayments* will be with our easy to use motorcycle finance calculator.

To use our loan calculator simply slide the bar along to set the values for Loan Amount, Interest Rate (e.g. 9.95), the length of the loan (in years), and finally whether you would be making monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments to get an idea of what you can expect to repay. For a more accurate motorbike finance quote, please fill out our application form or contact us.

Bike Finance Interest Rates

Private Bike Finance from 6.95% comparison 8.49%*
Dealer Bike Finance from 6.95% comparison 8.49%*
Commercial Bike Finance from 6.45%**

How much will your loan repayments be?

5 years
  • Monthly
  • Fortnightly
  • Weekly
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Helpful motorcycle finance advice:

* This bike finance simulation is not an offer and has no legal effect. It is a guide only. All interest rates, amounts and terms are based on a personal simulation by you and your assumptions of same. The repayment results in every case are approximate only. Please contact us for a formal motorcycle finance quote before applying.