Best Bikes For Beginners

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Why You Need A Motorbike Trailer

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6 of the Best Cruisers for Australian Roads

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Electric Motorbikes in Australia

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Best Fuel Efficient Motorbikes

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Buying A Café Racer

We already mentioned previously that there has been an exciting return of the Café Racer in recent years. The classic rocker bike of the 1960s and 70s has made a comeback with its low handlebars, narrow fuel tank, thin seat, … Continue reading

The Return Of The Café Racer

The classic look of the Café Racer, made popular by rockers of the 1960s and 70s, is making a comeback today as a stylishly retro and reasonably priced transport option. There has been an increased interest in vintage motorcycles in … Continue reading

Top Tips: How To Ride A Motorcycle

Apart from where to arrange your bike finance, of course… Before you buy a bike, the first thing is to learn to ride one. You will find motorbike training schools across the country. These come equipped with bikes to borrow … Continue reading

Lease vs Hire Purchase

Aussie Bike Loans can help you with your decision on whether to lease or hire your motorcycle. View our comparison table.

Motorcycle Buying Guide

Whether you’re a die-hard bikie or making the move from 4 wheels to 2, there are many important considerations. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Bike Loan Approval Tips

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Comparison Rates

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Tips For Getting a Motorcycle Loan

On the search for a motorcycle loan? We’ve highlighted a number of helpful tips and hints to make sure your loan is approved first go. Demonstrate you’re not a risk Showing that you are a good risk improves your credit … Continue reading