How Do Motorcycle Loans Work?

Aside from being a good substitute for cars as mode of transport, motorcycles bring a different thrill and excitement that only true enthusiasts can understand. These two-wheeled vehicles are excellent companions for road tripping and exploring the great terrains of Australia. No wonder why more and more Australians are getting into motorcycle riding and the … Continue reading How Do Motorcycle Loans Work?

Learner Motorcycle Licence Changes for Queensland

In recent years there have been a number of changes regarding motorcycle safety and laws in Queensland and across the country. From new lane filtering laws, to changes in helmet requirements and the LAMs approved bikes, these laws for the most part have been brought in to improve motorcycle safety while providing a clear path … Continue reading Learner Motorcycle Licence Changes for Queensland

6 of the Best Cruisers for Australian Roads

Australia has thousands of kilometres of windy mountain roads, scenic ocean routes, open country roads and endless highways. It’s a tourer’s dream. Whether you’re going for regular weekend rides or you’re looking to set out on a long motorbike holiday, a good cruiser bike will make the ride all the better. That’s why we thought … Continue reading 6 of the Best Cruisers for Australian Roads

Electric Motorbikes in Australia

While full electric road motorcycles are still relatively new to the Australian market, you’d be surprised at how far the technology has come in recent years. Electric bikes may not be for everyone, but there are a few notable benefits you should consider. Benefits of Electric Motorbikes Eco friendly – probably first and foremost is … Continue reading Electric Motorbikes in Australia