Electric Motorbikes in Australia

While full electric road motorcycles are still relatively new to the Australian market, you’d be surprised at how far the technology has come in recent years. Electric bikes may not be for everyone, but there are a few notable benefits you should consider. Benefits of Electric Motorbikes Eco-friendly – probably first and foremost is the … Continue reading Electric Motorbikes in Australia

Why you should avoid a ‘busy recent credit history’

When you’re applying for a motorbike loan, or in fact any finance whether it’s for a car or a bike or maybe something a lot bigger, it’s important to know how the finance industry operates. It’s clearly very important to the finance company that you’re able to service, i.e. repay the loan. So they make … Continue reading Why you should avoid a ‘busy recent credit history’

Comparison Rates

What is the comparison rate? The comparison rate is an indicative interest rate that combines the nominal interest rate with any foreseeable fees and charges associated with the loan, to help you obtain a more comprehensive picture of what your loan is going to cost you over the life of the loan.