Learner Motorcycle Licence Changes for Queensland

In recent years there have been a number of changes regarding motorcycle safety and laws in Queensland and across the country. From new lane filtering laws, to changes in helmet requirements and the LAMs approved bikes, these laws for the most part have been brought in to improve motorcycle safety while providing a clear path … Continue reading Learner Motorcycle Licence Changes for Queensland

Motorcycle Helmets in Australia

All riders in Australia wear a helmet, including their passengers. It’s the law. In the past there has been talk about Australia’s strict policies driving up the price of helmets and limiting our options for approved helmets available in the Australian market. But there are some changes coming that may improve this. Changes to Queensland … Continue reading Motorcycle Helmets in Australia

New Lane Filtering Laws For QLD Riders

It looks like 2015 will be a good year for motorbike riders in Queensland. As of the first of February this year new road rules for motorbikes take effect, the most significant changes relating to lane filtering and moving through congested traffic. These new rules provide greater freedom for Queensland motorbike riders needlessly stuck in … Continue reading New Lane Filtering Laws For QLD Riders