Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle, whether as a necessary means of transport or as a sport, is a thrilling experience. Other than choosing the right motorcycle, finding the appropriate gear is essential in ensuring your comfort and protection. One of the most important pieces of gear you will ever own is your helmet. Not only because it is required by law to wear one but ultimately, this can be your number one barrier against a life-threatening injury. Like most motorcycle gear, helmets are available in different designs and are categorised according to functionality.

The kind of motorcycle you use and the position you will be in, are great factors to consider when choosing your helmet. Below is the list of suggested helmets for specific kinds of bike.

  • Since touring bikes require you to be in an upright position, touring helmets are recommended specifically for their design.
  • When joining a sport-touring ride, you will need to lean slightly forward. Hence, you can choose from three good options: touring, dual-sport, and racing helmets.
  • When using a sports bike for a race, riders would be in a full tuck position. The helmet that provides great ventilation while in full tuck, are the sport and race helmets.


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Safety First

Standards internationally and locally have been set to require riders to use approved helmets only. Following safety regulations will not just save you from getting fined, but it can save your life as well. When you crash in your helmet, visible damage may not be obvious. Damages occur first in the most interior part of the helmet. However, even when there is no obvious damage, you cannot guarantee that the helmet will still provide comfort, protection, and other features it gave you pre-crash. Therefore, it is recommended to change your helmet after a crash.

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