WA Mining Boom Boosts Motorbike Sales (and other news)

Harley DavidsonWelcome to a short roundup of interesting motorbike stories this month. We won’t be reviewing new bikes or even talking much about motorbike finance (!), just bringing you interesting stories from Australia and around the world about bikes.

The ABS has revealed some interesting stats on motorbike sales – their latest census of the Australian vehicle fleet shows a record number of motorbikes are being bought in WA as mine workers splash the cash on boys toys. Motorbike registrations in the state went up by 8% with 107,000 bikes registered during the year, following a general trend in the state towards two wheels: motorcycle registrations (including scooters) have gone up a whopping 58% over the last five years. Of course there are other possible explanations for the increasing popularity of motorbikes, which could also be caused by the baby boomer generation or simply drivers looking to save on the cost of fuel over driving a car.

Hi-Vis Vests May Be Required When Riding

A Victorian based motorcycle policeman, Senior Sgt Bill Gore of the Wangaratta Highway Patrol, has proposed that Australia’s 1.3 million motorcycle riders should be required by law to wear high visibility clothing to make riding safer and reduce the current 200 deaths a year in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle groups are largely opposed to the measure, on the basis that there is not very much research showing that high visibility clothing actually makes a difference, and that third party insurers would take advantage of the move to reduce payouts to victims of road trauma where a motorcycle was involved. The move has been compared to a proposal twenty five years ago to require cars to have lights on during the day, with one biker making the suggestion that perhaps all pedestrians and P-plate drivers should be forced to wear high visibility clothing as well.

Motorbike Road-Tripping Celebrity Style

Finally, the idea of a riding a motorbike across the US with a mate is an alluring one, even celebs like the idea. Move over Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, the latest pairing is David Beckham and chef Gordon Ramsay, who are planning a 382 mile road trip on their bikes along the Pacific coast highway, from LA to San Francisco. Beckham, who will forsake his collection of Ferraris and jump on his custom built 93 Knucklehead, will join Ramsay who will ride his $30,000 Harley Davidson. Beckham, who has got into bikes fairly recently, also revealed another bike buddy – Top Gun Tom Cruise.

Gordon Ramsay on motorbike

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