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Harley Davidson

There aren't that many motorcycle brands that have a following like Harley-Davidson. When you ride a Harley, its not just about the bike, but the lifestyle too.

This reputation came about because of the impressive machines they build. If it's a motorcycle you're after that embodies style, freedom and luxury, then a Harley is a perfect choice. 

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If you're in the market for a Harley-Davidson, Aussie Bike Loans can help you reach the dream with an excellent deal on finance. We can provide the finance for a Harley cruiser, Softail, touring bike or a custom motorcycle.

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What's The Appeal?

Harley DavidsonThere are some very logical and truthful reasons that many, many people love these machines. A Harley can be a real treat to own if it’s the right bike for the task you have in mind.

Harley's Are Heavyweights

While out touring, light bikes can beat you up or blow you around on the road. Harley Davidson's tend to be heavier motorcycles which may reduce their acceleration but it really benefits their high-speed manoeuvers.

With greater rake angles and longer wheelbases, the Harley is the pinnacle of on-road stability which makes it a perfect option for touring around the countryside.

The V-Twin Motor

The V-twin motors are capable of producing a huge amount of torque that can quickly pull you out of tight corners and also sound wonderful on the road.

Harley's Can Go The Distance

The Twin Cam engines are very hearty and are almost infinitely rebuildable. The Harley engines are well known for being an extremely long life, especially when they are well looked after.

The newer models typically have longer service intervals and while some older Harley's can need more attention, it is usually easy to fix.

Easy To Find Parts

Dealerships are common and it is difficult to go somewhere where you will be unable to find spare parts or a mechanic for your bike.

Generally, Harley Davidson dealers will go to great lengths to help a customer who is in need of a service or repairs.

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We are enthusiastic about Harley Davidson Motorcycles and welcome your bike finance applications. We can find you a low rate motorcycle loan so that you can be out on the road sooner.

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