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Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycles are the bikes that have got soul. If you want to tread your own path, you need a bike that stands out from the rest.

When you are considering an Indian Motorcycle, you are talking about a bike with a delicious blend of vintage good looks and modern technology. These bikes are anything but ordinary and will turn heads where ever you go.

Some say that Harley Davidson bikes are set in their ways and too afraid to make changes. Indian Motorcycles are slowly but surely taking over Harley's reputation as the heart and soul of motorcycle life as they continue to innovate and impress.

Indian Motorcycle Loans

If you're interested in a legendary bike from the Indian range, Aussie Bike Loans can assist with a great deal on your motorbike loan. We can finance just about any Indian motorcycle including the:

  • FTR Range
  • Scout Range
  • Chieftain Range
  • Springfield Range
  • Chief Range
  • Darkhorse Range
  • Roadmaster Range

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Competitive Fixed Rate Loans

As representatives of a reputable credit provider, we are able to provide you with a competitive interest rate on your loan - whether you're buying your Indian brand new from a dealer, or second hand in a private sale. 

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Use our bike finance calculator to get an approximate idea of your monthly repayments, or for a more accurate quote apply online today. 

Current Bike Loan Rates

  • Rate for Private Purchase

    from 7.67%

    comparison 9.55%*
  • Rate for Dealer Purchase

    from 6.97%

    comparison 8.86%*
  • Rate for Business Vehicles

    from 5.7%

    comparison *

What's The Appeal?

There are some very logical and truthful reasons that many, many people love these machines. An Indian can be a real treat to own if it’s the right bike for the task you have in mind.

Attractive Bikes

The Indian Motorcycles have a modern aesthetic with just enough "heritage" sprinkled in which makes for an eye-catching motorcycle. They have a unique visual design which sets them apart from other bikes on the road.

Significant Power

Many riders are reporting that the Indian range of motorcycles are constantly outperforming their Harley Davidson counterparts when it comes to raw power.

Indian's Dedication To Innovation

Indian will never hang its hat on history alone. They are committed to operating in the spirit of innovation and exploration that the Indian brand was founded upon more than a century ago, moving into new categories with new models that expand Indian’s relevance with a wider audience.

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We are big fans of the Indian Motorcycle range and welcome bike finance applications. We can get you a fixed rate motorcycle loan so that you can be out on the road sooner.

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Buying A Bike Privately

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